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Pedestrian Push Floor Sweeper

Max. Area Performance:2800 m3/h
Capacity:42 litres
Working Width:480 mm
Working Width with 1 side brush:700 mm
Weight:23 kg

Vacuum Cleaner

Airflow:45 L/sec
Cleaning Range:31.8 meters
Capacity:9 Litres
Suction:2600 mm
Weight:6.9 kg

Wet & Dry Cleaner

Airflow:98 Litres/sec
Cleaning Range:26.8 meters
Capacity:28 Litres
Suction:2400 mm
Weight:15.8 kg

Dust Extractor M Class

Capacity:45 Litres
Max Air Volume:3.1 m³/min
Suction:23 kPa
Weight:16.6 kg

Super Hot Pressure Washer

Water Tank:80 Litres
Outlet Temp Range:10 - 150°C
Fuel Tank Capacity:23 Litres

Heavy Duty Block Paving Cleaner Attachment

Cover Diameter:18"
Max Temperature:80
Max Pressure:276 Bar
Maximum Flow:30 Lpm
Weight:20 kg

High Pressure Washer

Flow Rate (l/h):600 l/h
Max Temperature:80°C
Operating Pressure:140 bar
Tank Capacity:21 Litres
Weight:110 kg

Carpet Cleaner

Airflow:54 l/s
Max. Area Performance:20 - 25 m²/h
Voltage:220 - 240 V
Tank Capacity:10 - 9 Litres
Weight:10.3 kg

Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer

Working Widths:400 mm
Brush Rotating Speed:1100 rpm
Brush Contact Pressure (g/cm²):100 / 200
Weight:30 kg

Ride On Scrubber Dryer

Brush Working Width:750 mm
Vacuum Working Width:960 mm
Battery:36 V
Input Power:Up to 2800 W
Weight:239 kg