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Cut-n-Break Saw

Cutting Depth:400 mm
Blade Diameter:230 mm
Power Output:3.7 kW
Weight:9.6 kg

Arbortech Saw AS170

Cutting Width:6.5 mm - 7.2 mm
Noise Sound Pressure:108 dB(A)
No Load Speed:6500 rpm
Weight:4.3 kg

Floor Saw

Blade Speed:2200 rpm
Cutting Depth:170 mm
Blade Diameter:450 mm
Tank Capacity:6.5 Litres (Petrol)
Weight:95 kg

Electric Cut Off Saws 100mm or 125mm

Blade Diameter:305 mm & 355 mm
Depth of Cut:100 mm & 125 mm
Voltage:110 V
No Load Speed:5000 & 3500 rpm
Weight:10.3 kg & 10.9 kg

Petrol Cut Off Saw

Arbor:20 mm
Cutting Depth:100 mm
Blade Diameter:300 mm
No Load Speed:5100 rpm
Weight:9.70 kg

TCT Metal Cut Off Saw

Blade Diameter:355 mm
Hole Diameter:25.4 mm
Voltage:110 V
No Load Speed:3800 rpm
Weight:16.3 kg

Metal Cutting Saw

Blade Diameter:305 mm
Hole Diameter:25.4 mm
Voltage:110 V
No Load Speed:1300 rpm
Weight:19.2 kg

Reciprocating Saw

Length:499 mm
Voltage:110V or 18V
Strokes p/min:0 - 2900 spm
Stroke Length:28 mm
Weight:3.7 kg

Angle Grinders 4.5" and 9"

Bore Size:22 mm
Wheel Diameter:115mm / 230mm
Voltage:110 V
Noise Sound Pressure:86 / 89 dB(A)
No Load Speed:11000 / 6600 rpm
Weight:2 kg / 5.9 kg

Metal Nibbler

Max. in Mild Steel:3.2 mm
Max. in Stainless Steel:2.5 mm
Min. Cutting Outside Edge:128 mm
Strokes p/min:1300 spm
Weight:3.5 kg

Plunge Saw

Blade Diameter:165 mm
Voltage:110 V
Bore Diameter:20 mm
Noise Sound Pressure:91 dB(A)
No Load Speed:2000 - 5800 rpm
Weight:4.2 kg

Site Band Saw

Dimensions (L x W x H):1500 x 735 x 200 mm
Table Height:150 mm
Table Width:600 mm
Blade Size:3/4"
Voltage:110 V
Weight:50 kg

Portable Band Saw

Cutting Capacity:120 mm
No load, variable speed:60-105 m/sec
Voltage:110 V
Noise Sound Pressure:86 dB(A)
Weight:5.7 kg

Wall Chaser

Bore Size:20 mm
Cutting Depth:0 - 30 mm
Cutting Width:6 mm - 30 mm
Blade Diameter:125 mm
No Load Speed:9000 rpm
Weight:3.9 kg

Jig Saw

Battery Type:Lithium-Ion
Strokes p/min:800 - 3500 rpm
Stroke Length:26 mm
Noise Sound Pressure:78 dB(A)
Weight:4.1 kg

Jigsaw Hitachi

Length:240 mm
Voltage:110 V
Stroke Length:26 mm
No Load Speed:850 - 3000/min
Weight:2.2 kg

Hand Held Hot Wire Bow Cutter

Blade Length:1370 mm
Max. Cutting Height:330 mm
Voltage:240 V
Weight:5.8 kg

Block Splitters

Dimensions (L x W x H):730 x 820 x 1040 mm
Cutting Depth:235 mm
Cutting Width:650 mm
Weight:99 kg

Stud Cutter

Cutting Capacity:370 per charge
Voltage:14 V
No Load Speed:30/min (stroke)
Weight:3.1 kg

Hire Armorgard CuttingStation SS3

Dimensions (L x W x H):1360 x 800 x 1820 mm
Voltage:110 V
Locking Mechanism:Highly Secure, 5-Lever Deadlock
Weight:151 kg

350mm Portable Electric Bench Saw

Dimensions (L x W x H):1100 x 530 x 500 mm
Blade Speed:3000 rpm
Blade Diameter:350 mm
Depth of Cut:128 mm
Weight:79 kg

Bench Saw 500mm

Blade Speed:2256 rpm
Blade Diameter:500 mm
Depth of Cut:195 mm
Noise Sound Pressure:107 dB(A)
Weight:202 kg