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Decorator's Cleaning Station

Voltage:110 V
Tank Capacity:40 Litres
Pressure:3 - 4 Bar
Weight:35 kg

Hot Air Gun

Voltage:240 V
Input Power:1600 W
Air Temperature:300 - 500°C
Weight:0.7 kg

Floor Radial Arm Tile Cutter

Blade Size:200 mm
Max. Depth of Cut:62 mm
Tank Capacity:2.05 litres
Weight:34.5 kg

Bench Tile Cutter

Blade Size:180 mm
Max. Depth of Cut:35 mm
Tank Capacity:5 litres
Weight:12.7 kg

Wallpaper Stripper

Cable Length:5.0 meters
Steam Time:230 V - 90 mins 110 V - 190 mins
Weight:8.65 kg