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Cartridge Nail Gun

Pin Capacity:10 Pins
Impact Force:350 J
Fastener Length:15 - 60 mm
Sound Pressure Level dB(A):114
Weight:3.2 kg

63mm Cordless Straight Gas Brad Nailer

Capacity:100 Brads
Impact Force:30J
Brad Range:16mm - 63mm
Sound Pressure Level dB(A):102
Weight:2.1 kg

Cordless Angled Gas Brad Nailer

Capacity:100 Brads
Impact Force:30J
Brad Range:32mm - 64mm
Sound Pressure Level dB(A):131 dB(A)
Weight:2 kg

90mm Gas Framing Nailer

Capacity:55 nails
Impact Force:82J
Brad Range:50 - 90 mm
Sound Pressure Level dB(A):89 dB(A)
Weight:3.3 kg

Impact Wrenches 1/2" or 3/4"

Drive Square Options:1/2" and 3/4"
Max Socket Size:32 and 36 mm
Max Torque:350 and 588 Nm
Impacts:2000 - 1600 ipm
Weight:2.90 and 5.0 kg

Cordless Rivet Gun

Rivet in Alu:2.4 to 6.0 mm
Rivet in Steel:3.0 to 4.8 mm
Rivet in St/St:3.0 to 4.8 mm
Bolt Range:20 mm
Pulling Force:8.500 N
Weight:2.0 kg

Tek Screw Gun

Drive Shank Hex:¼ "
Capacity:6 mm
Max Torque:17/29 Nm
No Load Speed:0 - 2500 rpm
Voltage:110 V
Weight:1.6 kg

Drywall Screw Gun

Drive Shank Hex:1/4"
Capacity:4 mm
Max Torque:6/11 Nm
No Load Speed:0 - 6000 rpm
Voltage:110 V
Weight:1.4 kg

Angle Drill 10mm or 13mm

No Load Speed:2400 and 900 rpm
Max. into Steel:10 and 12.7 mm
Max. into Wood:25 and 38.1 mm
Voltage:110 V
Weight:1.4 kg and 3.67 kg

Toptower Porta Nailer

Nail Range:38 or 50 mm
Coverage:1000 Nails
Weight:8 kg

Collated Drywall Screwdriver

Speed:3300 rpm
Drywall to Wood:3.9 x 25 - 50 mm
Drywall to LG Steel:3.9 x 25 - 45 mm
Drywall to HG Steel:3.5 x 25 - 35 mm
Interior Wood to Wood:4.2 x 25 - 45 mm
Exterior Wood to Wood (Decking):4.2 x 75 mm
Weight:4 kg