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Ride on Mower

Mowing Area:6000 m²
Cutting Width:48"
Speed:5.5 mph
Fuel Capacity:9.1 (Petrol)
Weight:241 kg

Rotary Mower

Bag Capacity:60 litres
Noise Value:94 dB(A)
Engine:OHC 4-stroke
Fuel Capacity:0.93 Litres
Weight:31 kg

Self-Propelled Outdoor Vacuum

Noise Value:112 dB(A)
Max. Operating Slope:20°
Fuel Capacity:1.5 Litres
Bag Volume:151 Litres
Weight:64 kg

Wood Chipper Machine

Max dia. infeed:75mm (3")
Fuel Capacity:6.5 Litres
Rotor Diameter:460mm
Rotor Speed:2006rpm

Road Towable Hydraulic Chipper

Max dia. infeed:160mm (6.3")
Fuel Capacity:18 Litres
Rotor Diameter:595 x 25mm
Rotor Speed:1920rpm
Weight:749 kg


Working Width:52 cm
Gears:1 Forward and 1 Reverse
Speed:Forward: 1.05 // Reverse: 2.68
Digging Depth:23 cm
Weight:111 kg


Max Tilling Width:410 mm
Max Tilling Depth:160 mm
Speed:Forward: 3mph // Reverse: 1mph
Fuel Capacity:10 Litres
Weight:51 kg

Stump Grinder

Working Height:56 cm
Working Depth:33 cm
Engine:Honda GX390
Fuel Type:Petrol
Fuel Capacity:6.1 Litres
Weight:135 kg

Turf Cutter

Cutting Depth:1 to 3 ½ cm
Working Width:30 cm
Consumption:1.4 Litres per hour
Fuel Type:Petrol
Fuel Capacity:3.1 Litres
Weight:93 kg

Hedge Trimmer

Blade Length:30"
Strokes Per Minute:3057
Fuel Type:2 stroke Petrol
Weight:5.7 kg

Long-Reach Hedge Trimmer

Total Length:2.48 meters
Blade Length:50 cm
Noise Value:88 dB(A)
Fuel Type:4 stroke petrol
Weight:6.9 kg


Total Length:178 cm
Noise Value:93 db(A)
Fuel Type:2 stroke petrol
Fuel Capacity:18.3 Litres
Weight:4.9 kg

Post Hole Borer

Max Auger Diameter:250mm
Speed:160-200 rpm
Displacement:52 cc (2 stroke)
Weight:10.5 kg

Handheld Blower

Air Velocity:69 m/s
Sound Pressure Level dB(A):90 dB(A)
Displacement:27.2 CC
Fuel Type:2 stroke Petrol
Weight:4.5 kg

Chainsaw Small 40cm

Bar Length:40 cm
Sound Pressure Level dB(A):102
Fuel Type:2 stroke
Weight:4.7 kg

Chainsaw Medium 45cm

Bar Length:45 cm
Sound Pressure Level dB(A):103
Fuel Type:2 stroke petrol
Weight:5.6 kg

Chainsaw Large 63cm

Bar Length:63 cm
Sound Pressure Level dB(A):105.0
Fuel Type:2 stroke
Weight:6.6 kg

Patio Heaters

Dimensions (L x W x H):860 x 860 x 2200 mm
Fuel Type:Propane
Heat Output:13 kW
Weight:28 kg

Gazebo Heavy Duty 3m x 4.5m

Frame Size:(L) 23cm (W) 33cm (H) 156cm
Sidewall Set:(L) 26cm (W) 42cm (H) 42cm
Weight:Frame: 38kg, Canopy: 8.5kg Sidewall Set: 13kg