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Telescopic Self Levelling Crane Fork

Height:1200 to 1800 mm
Fork Width:300 to 1200 mm
Lift Capacity:2000 kg
Weight (pair):170 kg

Combisafe Loading System

Length:1.4 meters
Width:1.4 meters
Height:5.9 meters
Load Capacity:300 kg
Weight:304 kg

Glass Lifter

Width:540 - 800mm
Suction Cups:300 mm diameter
Weight:30 kg

Scaffolding Gin Wheel

Diameter:254 mm
Safe Working Load:250 kg
Weight:6 kg

Builders Gantry Hoist

Running Current:18 A (110V)
Rope Length:31 meters
Working Height:30 meters
Load Capacity:300 kg
Weight:50 kg

Porta Gantries

Beam Lengths:2.5 to 9 meters
Load Capacity:1 Tonne to 5 Tonnes

Scaffold Hoist 180

Voltage:110 V
Working Height:30 meters
Lifting Speed:19 m/min
Lift Capacity:200 kg
Weight:46 kg

Electric Hoist

Voltage:110 V
Lifting Capacity:1000 to 3000 kg
Working Height:3 to 30 meters
Lifting Speed:1.3 to 4 mtrs/min

Genie Material Lift

Width:80 cm (stowed)
Height:2.0 m (stowed)
Product Options:
  • SLA10
  • SLA15
  • SLA25

Accessories for the SLA Range

Product Options:
  • Boom
  • Pipe Cradle
  • Load Plate
  • Fork Extension

SLK Material Superlift with Suction Attachment

Height (stowed):2.04 meters
Width (stowed):0.80 meters
Product Options:
  • SLK-15
  • SLK-20
  • SLK-25

SLK Material Superlift Range

Height (stowed):2.04 meters
Width (stowed):0.80 meters
Product Options:
  • SLK-15
  • SLK-20
  • SLK-25

Accessories for the SLK Range

Product Options:
  • Boom 
  • Glass Lifter

GENIE Super Hoist 3.8M

Platform L x W:495 x 609 mm
Max Lift Height:3.80 meters
Load Capacity:136 kg
Weight:34 kg

Hydraulic Manhole Cover Lifter

Max Wheel Span:1050 mm (41 in)
Pulling Force:1500 kg
Lift Height:310 mm
Dead Weight:36 kg

Pramac Compact Stacker

Overall Length:1760 mm
Overall Width:800 mm
Max Lift Height:2410 mm
Load Capacity:1200 kg

Pedestrian Electric Pallet Truck

Lift Height:205 mm
Travel Speed:6/6 km/h
Load Capacity:2000 kg
Weight:554 kg

Pallet Truck 2.5 Tonne

Work Width:550 mm
Fork Length:1100 mm
Lift Capacity:2500 kg
Weight:85 kg

High Lift Pallet Truck

Work Width:550 mm
Max Lift Height:800 mm
Fork Length:1100 mm
Lift Capacity:1000 kg
Weight:185 kg

Long Leg Pallet Truck

Work Width:540 mm
Load Capacity:2500 kg
Fork Length:2000 mm

Self Locking Transport Dolly

Dimensions (L x W x H):300 x 330 x 340 mm
Max Thickness:70 mm
Load Capacity:250 kg
Weight:6 kg

Large Board Trolley

Length & Width:1500 x 750 mm
Board Size:3050 x 2550 mm
Board Load Depth:350 mm
Load Capacity:500 kg

Sumner Drywall Lifter

Base Height:180 mm
Load Height:1.2 to 4.5 meters
Drywall Dimensions:1.2 x 3.7 m
Load Capacity:70 kg


Hydraulic Jack:Max Lift - 200mm
Toe plate size:380 x 120 mm
Max Lift Height:375 mm
Load Capacity:3500 kg
Weight:99.4 kg

Gas Bottle Trolleys

Length:640 mm
Width:670 mm
Height:900 mm
Safe Working Load:150 kg
Weight:12 kg

Sack Truck

Width:380 mm
Depth:200 mm
Height:1100 mm
Load Capacity:150 kg
Weight:8.8 kg

4 Wheel Turn Table Truck

Length:1500 & 2100 mm
Width:800 & 1000 mm
Height:440 & 485 mm
Load Capacity:1000 & 2000 kg

Industrial Waste Bin 400Ltr

Dimensions (L x W x H):1530 x 750 x 930 mm
Load Capacity:750 kg
Volume:400 litres
Weight:67 kg

Wheelie Bin 660 Litres

Width:1360 mm
Depth:767 mm
Height:1200 mm
Load Capacity:310 kg
Weight:44 kg

Tirfor Lifting & Pulling Machine

Pulling Capacity:1.2 / 2.4 / 4.8 Tonnes
Product Options:
  • 0.8 Tonnes
  • 1.6 Tonnes
  • 3.2 Tonnes

Portable Diesel Twin Capstan Winch

Pulling Capacity:1000 kg
Raising Capacity:300 kg
Load Retrieval Speed:Creep to 25m per minute
Weight:50 kg

Cable Pulling Winch

Pulling Capacity:1500 kg & 2500 kg
Rope Speed:2.5 m/min & 4 m/min
Weight:80 kg

Cable Rollers

Length:400 mm
Width:360 mm
Height:340 mm
Cable Capacity:130 mm
Weight:4.3 kg

Cable Manhole Lead Roller

Length:570 mm
Width:210 mm
Height:400 mm
Cable Capacity:110 mm
Weight:10 kg

Bumpa 8 Meter Hoist

Overall Length:8 meters
Voltage:110 V
Max Angle:65°
Load Capacity:75 kg
Weight:74 kg

Portable Conveyor System

Width:300mm & 450mm
Load Capacity:60 & 90 tonnes p/h
Product Options:
  • 3.0 meters
  • 4.5 meters

Bogie Wheels

Length:774 mm
Width:412 mm
Height:415 mm
Load Capacity:500 kg

Glass Suckers

Diameter:115 mm
Product Options:
  • Double
  • Triple 
  • Quad

20kg Hand Test Weights

Length:210 mm
Width:140 mm
Height:175 mm
Weight:20 kg

Vacuum Power Handy VPH

Carrying Capacity:150 kg
Suction Plate:Oval 440 x 250 mm

Beam Clamp 5T

Minimum Width:70 mm
Maximum Width:355 mm
Capacity:5 Tonnes
Weight:17 kg

Short Drop Chain

Chain Length:1 meter
Load Capacity:3.15 Tonnes

4 Leg Chain

Chain Length:3 meters
Lifting Capacity:3.15 to 17 Tonnes

Block & Tackle

Chain Length:3 meters to 30 meters
Load Capacity:1 Tonne to 30 Tonne

Fall Arrest Blocks

Length:3 & 10 meters
Maximum Load:140 kg
Weight:7 kg

Safety Harness

Weight:1.45 kg

Cable Drum Jacks

Load Capacity:3 to 10 Tonnes