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Pipe Threader

Pipe Capacity:3 mm - 50 mm
Bolt Capacity:6 mm - 60 mm
Spindle Speed:38 RPM
Weight:95 kg

Hydraulic Cable Cutter

Nominal Pressure:700 bar
Maximum Cutting Diameter:120 mm

Hydraulic Hand Held Crimper

Length:560 mm
Output:20 Ton
Head Rotation:180°
Weight:8.0 kg

Battery Operated Electro Hydraulic Pump

Nominal Pressure:700 bar
Battery Current:3.1 AH
Battery Voltage:24 V
Weight:9.2 kg

Hydraulic Foot Pump

Length:710 mm
Output:700 bar
Weight:13.7 kg

Pipe Bender

Pipe Capacity:15 mm & 22 mm
Bending Angle:180°
Weight:3.95 kg

Power Threader

Pipe Capacity:16mm to 40 mm
Bolt Capacity:6mm to 30mm
Weight:3.5 kg

Conduit Bender

Height:85 mm
Pipe Capacity:16mm to 25mm
Weight:31 kg

Hydraulic Pipe & Tube Bender

Pipe Capacity:3/8 - 2" Steel Pipes
Tube Capacity:Ø 32 - 75 mm
Bending Angle:90°
Weight:35 kg

Hydraulic Crimp Head

Length:232 mm
Width:124 mm
Max. Pressure:700 Bar
Weight:3.8 kg

Pipe Freezing Kit

Pipe Capacity:8 to 61 mm
Span:3.9 meters
Freeze Time:5 to 65 minutes
Weight:27 kg