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180mm TCT Skillsaw

Bore Diameter:20 mm
No Load Speed:3500 rpm
Voltage:110 V
Noise Sound Pressure:98.5 dB(A)
Weight:7 kg

185mm Circular Saw

Overall Length:305 mm
Bore Diameter:30 mm
No Load Speed:5800/min
Voltage:110 V
Weight:4.6 kg

190mm Circular Saw

Bore Diameter:30 mm
No Load Speed:4800 rpm
Voltage:110 V
Noise Sound Pressure:93 dB(A)
Weight:5.2 kg

235 mm Circular Saw

Bore Diameter:30 mm
No Load Speed:4500 rpm
Voltage:110 V
Noise Sound Pressure:95 dB(A)
Weight:7.6 kg

355mm Circular Saw

Bore Diameter:30 mm
No Load Speed:2700 rpm
Voltage:110 V
Noise Sound Pressure:94 dB(A)
Weight:14.5 kg

Compound Mitre Saw

Max Bevel Range:45°
Blade Diameter:305 mm
No Load Speed:3200 rpm
Voltage:110 V
Max Mitre Range:52 - 60°
Weight:26.5 kg

Biscuit Jointer

Blade Diameter:100 mm
Blade Thickness:4 mm
No Load Speed:11000 rpm
Voltage:110 V
Hole Diameter:22 mm
Weight:2.5 kg

Site Table Saw and Stand

Table Length:753 to 1066 mm
Rip Capacity with sub-table:8 x 4 FT sheet
Blade Diameter:210 mm
Hole Diameter:30 mm
Weight:30 kg

Portable Thicknesser

Feed Rate:8.5 m/min
Planing Width:304 mm
Planing Depth:3mm to 150mm
No Load Speed:8500 rpm
Voltage:110 V
Noise Sound Pressure:86 dB(A)
Weight:27 kg

Sash Clamps, F/Board Clamps & G-Clamps

Available Sizes:
  • 914mm
  • 1219mm 
  • 1524mm
  • 1828mm
  • 2133mm

Laminate Trimmer

Base Dimensions:90 x 90 mm
No Load Speed:35000 rpm
Voltage:110 V
Noise Sound Pressure:76 dB(A)
Vibration K Factor:1.5 m/sec²
Weight:1.2 kg


Collet Capacity:1/2
Bar Size:117 x 103 cm
No Load Speed:23000 rpm
Voltage:110 V
Depth of Cut:30 mm
Noise Sound Pressure:93 dB(A)
Weight:3.8 kg

Flip Over Saw 260mm

Arbor:30 mm
Max Mitre Range:45°
Max Table Cut:70 mm
Blade Angle:45 to 90°
Hole Diameter:30 mm
Weight:33 kg

350mm Portable Electric Bench Saw

Dimensions (L x W x H):1100 x 530 x 500 mm
Blade Diameter:350 x 25.4 mm
Blade Speed:3000 rpm
Depth of Cut:128 mm
Weight:79 kg

Bench Saw 500mm

Blade Diameter:500 mm
Blade Speed:2256 rpm
Depth of Cut:195 mm
Noise Sound Pressure:107 dB(A)
Weight:202 kg


Overall Length:11-3/8"
Planing Width:3-1/4"
Planing Depth:5/32"
No Load Speed:16000 RPM
Weight:3.3 kg

Multi-Function Tool

Oscillation Angle:3.2°
Oscillations p/m:6000 - 20000 opm
Vibration K Factor:1.5 m/sec²
Weight:1.4 kg

Door Trimmer

Height of Cut:5 - 40 mm
Depth of Cut:0 - 50 mm
Weight:7 kg